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July 2017 Revised Bar Exam Guideliness

Can you believe it? The bar exam has finally changed. For the first time there will be no third day of the bar exam! Are you as excited as we are? No more hoping your laptop made it through two days and no bugs on the third. No more safe eating for that third day when you're so tired of that peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Hopefully, these changes will help you and not hurt you. The good news is hey its one less day. The bad news is well its stil a bar exam! See some highlights below regarding specific changes:


The bar exam is no longer three days. It is now only 2 days. The first day is devoted to 5 one hour essays and one 90 minute performance test. The hope is that a 90 minute performance test should be simpler and easier. However, it still requires heavy preparation. As for the essays, look, you get to do one less. Hooray!

The second day is devoted specifically for the MBE. It's still two hundred questions. Nothing has really changed here. I wish I could say it's a lot less but it's not. You still need to do heavy preparation reviewin/answering/studying a few thousand to truly be prepared for this test!


The entire written section (essays and performance test) is now worth a total 50% of your score. The remainder is your MBE score. It's still a 1440 test to pass with a total 2,000 points out there in the bar exam score universe.

Now lets get you writing. What are you waiting for?

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