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Bar Exam

The Bar Exam Doctor offers tutoring for students taking the Bar Exam. He offers tutoring for all three sections of the bar exam - essays, mbes, and performance tests of course! A tutoring schedule can be arranged around a student's current bar review course schedule. Personal one-on-one tutoring is generally offered because personal attention is required to help a student improve his or her scores. Taking the bar exam in another state? No problem. We have tutors throughout the United States! Contact us today and we'll do our best to match you up with someone to fit your needs today!

Baby Bar Exam

Do you attend a law school that requires you to take the baby bar exam? While this test can be difficult for some, it is actually a good way to prep for the full bar exam. We have a specialized unique tutoring program designed for students who need that extra help to pass this test. A tutoring schedule can be arranged either after classes or before the exam.
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Are you scheduled to take the MPRE? Worried that your class may not have prepared you for this test? We at Bar Exam Doctor can offer personalized one-on-one tutoring specifically catored to the hurdles of this exam. While they may not admit it, many successful lawyers had to take this test more than once! Through a rigorous tutoring schedule, we helped a student improve his score from a 69 to a 105! We can even arrange tutoring around your class schedule.
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Law School

Having trouble with a specific subject? The Bar Exam Doctor offers tutoring for law students. Students can seek assistance from the Bar Exam Doctor for personalized tutoring for any or all of the essay subjects generally tested during law school exams. Tutoring can be arranged either before or after classes.


"I signed up when I was studying for the California Bar. After not passing the first time, I realized that I needed to do something more than just BarBri. I thought Bar Exam Doctor would be able to give me the personal time and attention I needed to help me prepare for the exam. They personalized my study habits to make my time more effective. They also spent many hours grading and giving me suggestions on the areas that I needed help with the most. I highly recommend them to anyone who is considering doing that little extra bit to get them to his or her goal."

"In addition to bar prep, Bar Exam Doctor also helped me pass the MPRE. Before working with them, I had taken the MPRE and received a minimal score. After a 6 week intensive prep schedule with Bar Exam Doctor , I passed with an astounding 105!"


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