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So you want to sign up with us but just need a little help with the price? Well don't worry! We have lots of ways to help bring the price down. See our discounts below:


Bar Exam Doctor Repeat Student Discount ($100 Off!)

Did you previously use our services and not pass? Well we all know things just happen sometimes. You're fully prepared. You get through most of the exam and then something just happens. Maybe your anxiety takes over or a family emergency. Whatever the reason. We understand we are happy to offer you this discount on any same package again.

Bar Exam Doctor Student Group Discount ($100 Off! each package)

Got friends? Well sure everyone has friends! How about friends also studying for the bar exam? Get them to sign up too at the same time and we'll knock $100 off each of your packages!

Bar Exam Doctor Student School Rep Discount ($100 Off!)

Still in law school? Recently graduate? Well we're looking for more student reps at various law schools! If you can get a friend at law school to become a rep we'll knock $100 off any package! Check with us to make sure we don't already have a rep at that school.

Bar Exam Doctor Law School Tutoring Discount ($100 Off!)

Did we tutor you while you were still in law school? Now it's time for the real thing! We'd love to help you! And guess what, we'll also give you a nice discount of $100 off any package!

Bar Exam Doctor Marketer Discount ($100 Off!)

Got some ideas for ways to help spread the word? Want to throw a pizza party for your class? Hand out flyers? You name it! We'll help pay for it! Plus you get a special discount for your review!

Check back in to see more discounts! Discounts added regurlarly! Discounts may be combined! See if you can get them all to apply!


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